Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Bread and Circus

This is a little bit old but I found something striking while watching on television last week's demonstrations by supporters of movie star and presidential candidate Fernando Poe, Jr.

As pro-FPJ groups gathered-- or tried to, anyway-- near the Supreme Court where deliberations were being held over the movie icon's Filipino citizenship and his qualifications to run for presidency, FPJ's wife, equally-popular movie actress Susan Roces, came out from Quiapo Church where she had been praying and exhorted the crowd.

Granted, she called on the restless crowd assembled in Plaza Miranda to disperse and go home. However, what particularly struck me was her exhortation seemed straight out of a movie depicting fiery Gabriela Silang of yore leading the Filipino rebels against the Spanish troops.

And considering how publicity-shy the movie star is (now that's an oxymoron!), I suddenly had the thought that maybe the political opposition was already grooming Poe's wife to replace him in case the high tribunal ruled against him.

Ah, I just love this town.

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