Monday, February 23, 2004

Weather Report, part 2

(Subtitled: "How I learned to stop breathing and sleep it off")

Well, the day is complete. The incurring rain has set off my sniffle factor and now, I'm breathing somewhat like a snuffling dog. I exaggerate, of course, but you get cranky too if you take a nap and wake up to find you have a sore throat because your nasal passages are blocked.

And as usual, my sleep-sensor in my brain went on schedule and I was rendered senseless for 30 minutes past noon at the office. I cannot stop it. Coffee is useless as likewise eating something. It is inevitable.

If I were to detail my working days, it would go like this:

1. Get to the office around 10.
2. Work like hell to beat my 11 o'clock deadine.
3. Ensure there's something new on the newsflash section.
3. Check websites. Write something interesting in this bloody blog.
4. Make coffee.
5. Tape the lunch break news for the day.
6. Fall asleep helpless due to the bone-chilling cold. Or if the airconditioning unit is conked out, in the sweltering heat.
7. Wake up and work like hell to fill up the newsflash section again.
(Repeat as much as you like.)
8. Eat lunch before going home at 6.

Don't you love the professional life?

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