Friday, March 19, 2004

And Then There Were Two

Another puppy died this morning, this time poor Sophia.

And this time, it was the parvo virus that killed her.

Of the five puppies, Sophia was the most lady-like. But when she was going through her de-worming phase, she used to howl to us so piteously, breaking your heart every time she raised a cry. And now, like her two sisters, she's gone forever.

What do I have to do in order to save these puppies?

Of the five puppies, there are only two left: Tika and Philip. Philip is also at the veterinarian right now; after he stopped eating a couple days ago, I had no choice but to bring him there to be force-fed. Tika is doing pretty well now (knock on wood) and had been judged to be healthy enough to be given innoculation shots only this morning.

Hopefully, both Tika and Philip will have a chance now since they're now immunized to what killed Sophia.

I hope and pray that will be enough: just one more chance.

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