Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Popcorn from Audience

Here's something hilarious from the guys from RevolutionSF: Funniest Ways To Get Kicked Off the Jedi Council.

8. Say 'If we've told you once, we've told you a THOUSAND times!! We do not use the Clapper to turn our Lightsabers on and off!" (

7. Pointing and yelling "It's the Sith!" just so you can bogart the comfy chair while everyone's back is turned. (

6. You keep refering to Yoda as 'Kermie' and yelling 'Back off you beige robed bimbo, the frog is mine! HiiiiiiYaah!' while karate chopping Adi Gallia. (

5. Being more than triple Yoda's height. Yeah sure, he's the enlightened master of the force, but he's gotta draw the line somewhere. (

4. Using your padawan to bring you a damn beer. (

3. Saying "The book was better." (

2. Say "The Dark Side? Dark Side? Baloney! It's just a DC Comics character. Grow up." (

...and their top funniest line...

1. At the critical moment when Yoda tries to lift the insanely heavy column to place it out of harm's way, you pass gas. (

Myself, I prefer line number eight.

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