Thursday, April 29, 2004

Expand Your World...

...learn a foreign language, they said. Well, what's the best way to learn one? Why, you go for the... um, unorthodox, more common terms! For example, in Cantonese, there is:

ah si (verb, 1st-pers. sing.)
+ I need to shit; I need to take a shit Pronounced ah-see, with the "ah" nasalized and a singsong up and down. Just not very nice, especially in front of one's parents

...while in Russian, there is...

bl'adki (noun)
+ fuck session The underlying meaning is that the person is gonna fuck with whores or with occasional partner (maybe he gonna find some chick in a bar) or with somebody he knows but who has low moral principals. It isn't used if man gonna have sex with his girlfriend.

...and in Yiddish, there is...

drunk; FUBAR; shit faced It is good to be Vashnukad!

... And so on and so forth. They even have one for Tagalog though it's currently empty as of yet.

Don't you love it when the whole world can be united in even the small things? (Thanks to Neil Gaiman for bringing this up.)

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