Thursday, April 01, 2004

Random Acts of Paintball Violence

Here's a nice site to relieve that bad, bad office stress.

I particularly liked the use of the paintball gun in the game because it reminds me of that time when the guys and I tried out the paintball scene somewhere in the hinterlands of Rizal during our high school days.

I remember how Bob managed to shoot one of his own teammates, Philip, during a battle after the latter made the mistake of coming up behind our resident gunmeister. (I guess you gotta be careful with Ateneo Rifle/ Pistol people, itchy trigger-fingers and all that...) And there was that scene wherein Xander was raising hell to the high heavens because someone kept sniping at his head, which was forbidden. (You know who you are!) Likewise, there was one time when Woo-- now dearly-departed-- took convenient cover behind little ol' me during a firefight after I unfortunately dropped all my ammo...

Yup, those were the days.

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