Monday, May 10, 2004

Boxing, Weddings and Elections

... And a busy time was had by all.

One of the parents of the couple whose wedding I attended yesterday said that as of that Sunday night, we were celebrating three of the important things Filipinos love the most: boxing matches, weddings and national elections.

And it was true.

A draw stalled Filipino featherweight boxing champ Manny Pacquiao’s title match vs Mexican Erik Morales late Sunday morning while one of my high school classmates A.A. Albano married his former workmate-turned-sweetheart, Molly Negru, later that night.

Now, the Philippines has turned out today to vote in the national elections with over 43 million voters being asked to elect a president, a vice president, 12 members of the Senate, 212 Congressmen and more than 17,000 local posts.

Ergo, three things before I go back to work:

1. Felicitations to newly-wedded (welded?) husband and wife A.A. and Molly!

2. No, I wasn't able to vote as I had to report to work early today. But if given a chance, I probably would have voted for independent presidential candidate Senator Panfilo Lacson just for the hell of it. (BWAHAHAHA!)

3. And three, I'm verging on the sick today with a runny nose and a slightly sore throat with the sucky weather of hot/ cold today and yesterday.

... so I doubt I can post after this.

Enjoy the election holiday, people!

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