Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Election Update '04

I know I'm a lazy bugger, despite working here.

And I also know that despite the prevalence of news of the past elections in the media and internet, some people don't wanna involve themselves in what's been happening around them (yes, I'm talking about you... hehehe).

So. Depending on who you ask, either President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo or her main opponent, movie star Fernando Poe, Jr. is ahead at the moment.

However, experts are wary of initial trends as it is still too early. Also, most quick count programs detail only less than ten percent of the total number of votes.

At the NAMFREL Quick Count board, as of 12 midnight last, FPJ has just leaped ahead with 73,569 votes against GMA's 67,330 votes. Likewise, based on the Social Weather Station's exit poll survey, GMA took 40.84 percent of the votes cast nationwide as against 32.26 percent for FPJ.

A number of quick count programs by media outfits and polling and computer firms showed varying results though most had GMA ahead. Of course, the candidates themselves believe their own quick count has the right of it-- except for him.

Still, everything seems to be on schedule as the COMELEC canvasses the votes and tabulates the numbers for the official results, which will be long in coming it seems.

As per the experience of past elections, this schedule includes;

1. Election proper
2. Fraud/ Confusion (including disenfranchisement, vote-buying, violence and just plain orneriness)
3. Canvassing/ Tabulation of votes
4. Quick Counts/ Trending by uzizeros
5. General Complaints
6. Specific Denunciations/ Threats by losing candidates
7. Smug Silence by winning candidates
8. Ennui (due to waiting for proclamation)
9. Proclamation (finally!)
10. Filing of protests
11. Back to business...

Ahhh, don't you just love elections, Philippine-style?

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