Thursday, June 03, 2004

No Fear

I really like this guy.

If hackles are rising because of a certain congressman from Maguindanao keeps delaying the joint Congress from the canvassing of votes for the presidential and vice-presidential elections, there's also this legislator who's bringing the house -- and the tension levels-- down by his sensible yet grin-inducing actions.

These two congressmen seem to be two extremes of legislators currently still in power (until they finish their term by June 30 anyway).

On one end, there's Maguindanao solon Didagen "Digs" Dilangalen (a.k.a. "Shut up, Mr. Speaker!") whose tactics-- and high-pitched voice-- to delay the canvassing of the past May 10 national polls have incurred the ire of the public. Together with his seemingly inflated sense of self-importance, Dilangalen has single-handedly led the charge in distracting Congress through his ear-screeching filibusterings at the podium. (See Rhoch's post for further reference.)

And on the other end, there's Representative Manuel Zamora (a.k.a. Way Kurat) of Compostela Valley province, whose nickname "Unblinking" or "No Fear", has given notice that there is still hope for Congress.

I remember seeing TV features about Zamora before, the only congressman who rides his bike to Congress and whose hobby is tending to his kalamansi garden. However, Zamora has risen to the occasion by showing his fellow colleagues and the Filipino people that some public servants still know their duties.

Earlier in the week, during heated debates between pro-administration and opposition groups over the rules of canvassing, Zamora had offered to do the job of carrying the ballot boxes into the congressional hall because he said he was bored to death over the delays.

Later on, when one indignant congressman had urged the chair to prohibit Zamora from personally carrying the ballot boxes to the table where House officials were to open them for inspection, Zamora coolly told the session that, when he had personal problems, he would seek his father's advice and ask if he was doing anything wrong.

"Ang sabi niya palagi sa akin, 'Anak, kung saan ka maligaya, suportahan taka’ (He would always tell me, ‘Son, whatever makes you happy, I will be with you’)."

This set Congress-- both legislators and the audience watching from the stands-- laughing.*

As one office-mate said, we should get this guy into a higher office instead of just letting him rot in a congressional post. Unfortunately, I figure this is the kind of guy who's just happy where he is. (Unlike Dilangalen who tried to get into the Senate in the past elections.)

That's life for you...


*For non-Filipino readers and those Pinoys who've been out of the country for quite some time, Zamora's statement was in reference to a well-known television advertisement by telecom firm PLDT.

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