Wednesday, June 16, 2004

A Writing Note

I took a break from blogging yesterday to concentrate on my story-writing. After all, one friend told me that I blog way too much such that he can't keep up with all my posts anyway. (A consequence of too much time at work and free, very fast Internet.)

So I figured it would be a good time to address a number of stories bothering me at the moment. Ironically, I got nothing done and have therefore come to one conclusion.

Despite my head overflowing with story ideas, it seems that I have an almost pathological fear of writing them. Sometimes I attribute this to laziness since the very act of creation in writing tires me before I even start, akin to the punishment incurred by the Greek gods on Sisyphus to roll a giant rock uphill. At other times, my very own body seems to rebel during the act of writing itself, giving me a fluttery stomach as if from sheer nervousness and forcing me to lie down for a while to pull myself together. (As I write this, my stomach seems to roll and dive in its silent depths, like a mysterious leviathan. I say: Down boy!)

I admit I'm probably a procrastinator with way too many excuses. Either that or I'm really an editor and not a writer, considering my penchant for overly re-writing my stories scene by scene. God, I hope not.

But I digress: my blogging seems to be jumpstarting my writing. It seems that due to my blogging, like an overflowing glass of water, I can't help but write out the ideas and characters that keep bouncing around in my head. I don't know how or why; it just is. (Maybe like a person who gets used to electric shocks? Could be.)

And here I once told Selena that I wanted to set up my blog to practice my writing. Huh, be careful what you wish for.

Well, I suppose that it's time for the world to meet the characters that people my head. These include: the courtier Ruy Lopez, a Machiavellian lecherous courtier with an instinct for tactics and incredible timing; and the mousy Cochis, a bureaucrat assigned to a very dangerous job with a survival prowess of a cockroach. And that's two different stories.

Ah well, on with the blogging show so I can get back to writing...

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