Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Start with a Bang

Ahhhh...  my first cup of coffee since Sunday.  On my post-lunchbreak break, too.

Anyway, a summary of yesterday's events:

I ran into some automobile problems again when I tried to open my car window yesterday morning and it suddenly dropped into a new alignment akin to modern art, refusing to go back to its original job of closing.  I was then forced to leave the car at the Toyota shop (relatively) nearest my office to have it fixed. 

Fortunately, the car was still under warranty so I didn't have to pay for anything.  Unfortunately, the service advisor told me that the window motor was acting up so I shouldn't even deign to open it unless I want it to get stuck some time in the future.

I can imagine it now: I'd be smoking a cigarette in the car and spewing smoke through the window on the co-pilot's side.  Why me, God?

To continue: yesterday was also President Gloria Arroyo's State of the Nation Address in Congress, which was scheduled at 4 p.m. This put a wrench in my plans as I had to get my car out of the shop before it closed at 6. 

I rushed my job and was out of the office around 5, hoping I could get a cab in the rain-- an impossible task considering taxi cabs hate the rain almost as much as traffic enforcers.  But still, I managed to do it by agreeing to pay the cab driver a flat hundred bucks.  Normally, I'd just have to pay 80 bucks or less for the distance but what the hell-- I was desperate.

I also found out yesterday from the insurance company that the car that I wrecked a couple of weeks ago in an accident had been written-off as a total loss.  This, in turn, left me in a state of distraught akin to "Auuuggghhh!"

I then picked up my girlfriend [identity-protected] in Megamall where after going around a bit, we had dinner at Piadina.  Joel called up and later met us there, being on one of his rare days-off at the call center, and we played catching-up.

From Megamall, we went to Nipa Hut near Valle Verde where we met with Jigs and Dino, who were with their respective girlfriends and friends.   It was there I finally got my complete set of GTO anime series, courtesy of Jigs.  Yessss, my precioussss.

The rest of the night was spent updating Jigs on the past and present happenings with the 4J Boys (my high school classmates for 4 years). Ah, love those sojourns down memory lane...

Wala lang.


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