Thursday, August 26, 2004


Talk about a confluence of storms.

The past couple of days have been wet and wild, what with the two typhoons playing around the edges of the country.

Typhoons Marce (international codename: Aere) and Niña (international codename: Chaba) are supposedly out of the Philippines’ area of responsibility but—in the manner of unpredictable weather—it seems all the rain is being dumped here.

Because of this, yesterday’s rain put a spanner in the works for everyone as Wednesday morning became full of tales of flooding on the streets, windswept trees and billboards, landslides in the outskirts of the metropolis and erratic school cancellations that left commuters stranded in the pouring weather.

As par for the course, there were a lot of irate people calling for heads of government officials for not canceling school early enough, not having traffic enforcers on the street, or not being able to control the overflowing creeks and rivers because of the damnable garbage thrown into ‘em by the same irate people, of course.

Despite all the rain, it doesn’t feel like storm-weather for me.

There’s a certain taste and feel to typhoon season that I’ve grown used to and this was not it. Maybe it’s the certain humidity in the air even with the huge gusts of wind? Maybe it’s the faint light of the sun present behind the dark clouds?

Who knows.

What I do know is that nothing has changed. Growing up 20 years ago, I remember the same plaints were raised about the flooding in the streets even as the government cancelled classes just as most of us kids were already in school.

So what are chances that 20 years from now, things will have shaped up during storm-weather?

As much chance as a match in the wind would be my guess…

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