Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Updates on the Local Front

Well, it's been-- again-- a hell of a past week.

Last Tuesday, I brought my mom to the new hospital of Medical City on Ortigas Avenue after she slipped and fractured her wrist in the bathroom.

Because of this, there've been changes at home: my mom can't drive at the moment due to the cast so I sometimes have to run errands and a housekeep has been brought in to help around the place.

I also brought the five new pups-- now bearing names: Alicia, Dharma, Grace, Sparky and Squooshy-- to the vet last Saturday for their first inoculation shot. (Snarky names but we were running out of ideas.)

The shots were a bit expensive at 300 bucks a pop but I figure they were worth it to avoid a repeat of the fate of the last batch of puppies.

And for those who're looking for pets, look further no more: TC has six cute and healthy kitties up for adoption. Despite their street parentage, two of these are amazingly pure white. So help a poor cat out, willya?

Likewise, the night-time online editor at our office has quit due to one thing or another. This means that, our night operations people are once again running on their own though some would argue that for the longest time, they were already doing so.

Those interested in a night-shift work schedule, free internet and computer-time, and working in the Manila area, feel free to apply.

Lastly, on a minor note, I got the TV in my room back from the repair shop so I'm getting a chance to catch up on my nightly dose of anime, reality shows, and local news again.

Not that I'm a television junkie, mind, I just feel disconnected to reality if I can't have my window to the world (a virtual world, granted).

Anyway, can't think anymore so it must be time for a late lunch.

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