Monday, September 06, 2004

Stress and Boredom

Not much happening on the local front: I haven't been hospitalized, nor given birth, nor taking up loads and loads of exams, nor shut down competiting-- er, anyway, you get my drift.

I'm lacking sleep a bit and I feel like I'm coming down with something, what with the crazy weather we're having-- a little heavy rain, a little sun-drenched humidity, and a dash of blustery winds.

The funny thing is that it's all getting circular: I have restless sleep because I feel sick but I'm also feeling sickly because my sleep is restless.

At least I've managed to get the Pajero back home from the car shop, thanks with a little help from my brother: he drove the bloodydamned thing. That's one worry out of the way.

I also finished a bunch of Big Fat Fantasy (BFF) books (R. Scott Bakker's The Darkness that Comes Before, Steven Erikson's The House of Chains, and JV Jones' The Fortress of Grey Ice) and hope I can get a review-post up soon on the merits and characteristics of this peculiar growth of the fantasy genre. Next up: alternate-history vampire novels!

Likewise, I'm also trying to get the office early starting today as part of the 'editorial beefing-up' needed for the website. This means that instead of coming in two hours late, I should come in only one hour late instead. Hehehe.

Not that I'm tardy, mind. I just have a habit of sleeping through my alarm clock's shrill clamor and I have a commute/ travel time of an hour and a half to to contend with.

The benefit here is that if things go well and the site hits the one million mark, we'll all get a raise! (Though I don't see the connection...)

Ah well...

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