Thursday, October 21, 2004

One Reason Not to Leave your Horse Just Anywhere...

When the riders left, Tomoe and Zhang watched in silence until the dust had settled before they rose and slipped back down where they came.

However, as they did, they heard an eerie sound—the buzzing of a thousand fly wings.

“Do you hear that?” Tomoe said.

“Aye. Either that or I’ve gotten one crack to the head too many.”

“So you admit it at last. Stay or come, I’ve my horse to attend to.”

With that Tomoe was off, leaving the cursing Zhang to lumber after him.

A grotesque sight awaited for Tomoe where he had left his horse: nothing but bone and gristle with blood splashed everywhere. Even his supplies and equipment were not spared, broken and scattered throughout the clearing.

As the samurai gaped at the carnage before him, he thought he heard a sound and caught sight of an appendage—a tail or a tentacle? he thought—slipping through the undergrowth as he turned.

It was then that Zhang burst through the bushes behind him.

“Blast it, I am not one for running madly a-dilly-dally through the forest!” Then the big man saw what remained of the horse.

“Quiet, barbarian,” Tomoe said, “Whoever—or whatever—ate my horse is still around.”

Zhang gulped audibly as he swallowed the rest of his tirade and looked around...


Sorry, too lazy to post anything substantial today. Especially after finishing the last review...

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