Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Shhh... Posted by Hello

Gotta keep my posts to a minimum as I've gotta prepare a couple of my stories for editing by [identity-protected] this coming weekend.

Yep, she's a better editor than me any day of the week.

In the meantime, here's a gratuituous Umberto Eco quote:

If I were to possess this miracle, I would have no interest in knowing that it is ten minutes past ten. On the contrary, I would observe the rise and the setting of the sun (and I could do this even in a darkened room), I would learn the temperature, I would cast horoscopes, I would dream in the daytime of the blue dial where I could see the stars at night, but I would spend the night meditating on the time remaining before Easter. With such a watch it is no longer necessary to bother about external time, because that would become our sole concern for all our lives; and the time the watch narrates would be, not the immobile reflection of eternity, but eternity in progress. In other words, time would be only a fabled hallucination produced by that magic mirror.

From his essay, "How not to know the time."

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