Monday, November 15, 2004

Happy Birthday Maus!

It's the birthday of [identity-protected]! And her dad also.


As one of her gifts, I got her a couple of books-- hey, I introduced her to the field of speculative literature, I gotta make sure she stays there, right?

Actually, both books are follow-ups to earlier books she loved: Elizabeth Haydon's Elegy for a Lost Star and Maria Doria Russell's Children of God. I actually had to order this abroad from a bookshop and have it in before today.

For her dad, I got him a trio of books that's almost like a gift-set for fathers: Robert Ludlum's The Janson Directive, Tom Clancy's The Teeth of the Tiger, and Frederick Forsyth's Avenger.

Interesting enough, he also got a nice DVD-set of James Bond movies from [identity-protected]'s older sister. Coolness.

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