Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Forbidden Apple

And since we did a prior post on missing singers/ bands, where in the world is Fiona Apple?

You remember this one: the Angry Waif, with her thin frame and her large eyes. She sang songs like "Criminal", "Sleep to Dream", and "Shadowboxer" and won Grammys on the way with her first album. Then she came out with a second album (which I never saw here) and quietly disappeared.

However, according to this article, she actually did a third album before disappearing.

But here's where it gets funky. "Extraordinary Machine" is an album that Apple finished over two years ago, but which was quickly shelved by the sad corporate drones over at Sony because they didn't "hear a single" and because it doesn't sound exactly like Norah Jones and because they're, well, corporate drones.


As for Apple herself, well, rumor has it she really didn't care all that much about Sony's lameness two years back, really didn't feel a driving need to be slammed back into the soul-mauling pop music spotlight and therefore didn't really push all that hard to have "EM" released.

And while she is also reportedly very happy to hear about the current mad fan support regarding the album, according to a brief interview with producer Jon Brion, he says she also knows it ain't all that radio friendly and might not ever make a gazillion dollars and she doesn't really care. Which is, of course, what makes her so goddamn wonderful.

Too bad it doesn't really give much detail on the wherefores and whyfores of Apple's disappearance. Personally, I always found her angst-ridden songs to be a fun listen.

Yes, I'm strange that way.

(Link courtesy of Shevyk at deadcities forum.)

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