Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Word for the Day

Heh. You learn something new everyday.

Last Monday, was reading Joey's article (great stuff! check it out!) about a group of female online gamers when I came across this word: chicksilog.

Female gamers also have to deal with online stalkers, including male players who pretend to be women so that they can become close to female players. This is one reason the Clan of the Shadowmaidens requires all members to post their photos and profiles on the site for everyone to see.

"Why do we do this? It’s pretty simple really. We want to make sure that people know that you are what you say you are. No chicksilogs, no tanso, no crossdressers in the guild. And, if you’re female and you’re playing an MMOG, you’re quite a rare item. Wearing that guild emblem is like some sort of certification that you are indeed a real girl," Merano said.

Serendipitously, on my way home, I heard this song on the radio by a local band, Kamikaze. Their song? Chicksilog, of course. A part of its lyrics go this way (taken from this site):


Chicksilog, ako ay nahulog/ Nilinlang, niloko, alam ko na'ng sikreto mo/ Chicksilog, ako ay nahulog/ Nilinlang, niloko, alam ko na'ng sikreto mo

Walang saysay mag-level ang pantasya ay nasira na/ Ang iniipong lakas naglaho parang bula/ Kaya pala ang husay mo sa espada/ Si Maldita ay lalake pala

Translated, the song goes: Chicksilog, I fell for you/ I was deceived, I was fooled, now I know your secret (repeat 2x). There is no point in leveling up as the fantasy's destroyed/ all my strength is gone like a bubble/ No wonder you're so good with a sword/ The Bad Girl is actually a guy.

Whew! Translation's a fucking bitch, you know.

Anyway, a quick check over at google came up with this (just scroll down):

There are also the types of players who are called "chicksilog" or something..they're those RL males pretending to be girls by making female avatars. Some of them are actually roleplaying and have no other intentions besides that, but there are SOME, who are EVIL and asks for zenny/tank/heal/equips/etc. They're also much like those lazy n00bs.

Okay, that's pretty straightforward.

Am sure that the phenomena of males using female identities on the internet (and vice-versa)isn't anything new. However, this is the first time I've heard of a word describing such an individual.

Now, the term chicksilog can be derived from the Filipino's penchant to use the first letters of a number of words to create a new word. In this case, the -ilog suffix describes a variety of Filipino dishes that includes a viand, egg and rice, i.e. tapsilog is tapa (beef strips), itlog (egg) and sinangag (fried rice).

Unfortunately, this is where I come to a dead-end as I'm not sure how the suffix applies to the description above. Anyone out there know anything?

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