Thursday, June 02, 2005

Your Pill-popping Weather-meter Cat

*start transmission*

Sorry folks if I haven't been active on the 'net. Been so tired lately but it's not the bone-tired exhaustion that has me in the clutches. Rather, it's more of an emotional tiredness/ psychic drain thing.

I don't know: maybe it's the weather for the past couple of weeks. Despite the hot (tail-end of the) summer weather, it's been raining at nights and afternoons such that my sinus has been sproinging up and down like a bloody rabbit. It's like someone plugged in a stratocaster into my head and strummed "Stairway to Heaven".

Actually, I could probably give a better reading of the atmospheric pressure than any meter, it's that bad. Thank God for those extra-strength Tylenol sinus pills-- and if that doesn't work-- Ponstan painkillers.

Of course I could just sleep it off but then I have to wake up with a heavy head-- and I haven't even gotten myself drunk yet.

Damn it, anyone have those cables to jump car batteries? Gah, I can't even remember the right words to... er...

*end transmission*

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