Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stay the Word, Spoil the Right

Okay, bear with me on this one.

I was driving home last night when I heard this conversation on NU 107. Basically, the DJ's guests were laughingly lamenting about their experience with Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. I'm sure everyone has seen an example: one is the big ad looming over Guadalupe Bridge near Edsa that asks people to text in if they think the woman is a) extra-large or b) extra-sexy. (Though I later found out more details from Leigh and hobbes.)

Anyway, the guy on the radio was relating how he and his friends had texted "extra-large" just to find out out what the response would be. Imagine their surprise when they got a text reply saying to the effect that: "So you think only thin women can be sexy." A similar text to an ad with a rail-thin woman with the question a) flat or b) flattering netted them the reply: "So you think only extra-busty women can be sexy."

Personally, I think Dove's ads are really good way to open up people's minds on what defines sexy. However, I also thought that-- if what I heard was true-- then any goodwill generated by the ads was totally destroyed by the snarky text reply.

What do you people think?

Wala lang.

P.S. I just found out that it was director Quark Henares who texted the Dove people. See here. (Just scroll down a bit.) Dated: October 17

P.P.S. Here's an article from INQ7 talking about the ad campaign. A bit snarky but he gets his point across. Likewise, friendly ad ho Leigh comments on some background info everyone should know about this ad. Dated: October 18

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