Monday, October 24, 2005


Geez. Talk about lousy weather. Is it raining or sunny outside? I can't tell. Wish the day would make up its mind.

Anyway, am still a bit scatter-brained though am slowly getting my bearings again. Slowly being the imperative word. And it doesn't help that I seem to be distracted a lot. I envy golda who's currently enjoying the sand and the water in sunny Coron, Palawan. *sigh*

And speaking of distractions, I'm certainly excited about Dean's news. One is his report of a writing contest sponsored by Fully-Booked bookstore and Neil Gaiman, the 1st Philippine GRAPHIC/FICTION AWARDS. The top prize: US$15,000. Holy shit. Though I know I'm a long-shot for winning the top prize, I'm still jumping up and down and all revved up. Woo.

Likewise, Dean has announced the booklaunch of the Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 1 on December 10 at Fully-Booked Greenhills. Wow. Is it October already?

What's also nice is that Dean is launching several works, including Siglo: Passion, Project: Hero, and his novel, the Palanca-Award winning Salamanca. Man, that cover of Siglo: Passion looks fantastic. Shades of Dave McKean, yes?

In other news, apologies to Dodo and Leigh if I wasn't able to go to last Saturday's Komikon at the UP Bahay ng Alumni. I was intent on checking it out before I went to work that afternoon but I found out upon my arrival that there was a 50-bucks entrance fee and unfortunately, I had no money. Well, I actually had money but only enough to maybe get a copy of Dodo's Askals and Budjette Tan's Trese. Maybe at least complete my 3-issue collection of Budjette's Batch 72 (there were three issues?). *sigh*

And did I mention I almost have no money left 'til payday?


Now I really, really should get on with my writing schedule, dammit. Bloody distractions... wooo, what's that pretty shiny thing...

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