Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Hard Day's Night

This happened two weeks ago but I keep forgetting to post this. That and my brain's been damned constipated.

We were hanging around Tapika bar in Katipunan extension when we decided on a whim to check out Hobbit House in Manila. Of course, as most people know, Hobbit House is that quintessential bar-institution in the Malate party-area that's owned and staffed by midgets and dwarves. Likewise, it's also well-known for having great blues-and-rock live-band music.

So after a couple of rounds in Tapika, we decided then to head halfway across the city to Malate: the Mouse and two of her friends, the Bear and the Tarsier, as well as yours truly. After less than an hour's drive, we found ourselves in the thick of the first day of Malate's Oktoberfest celebrations. Luckily, Hobbit House was just off Remedios on Ermita and despite the Oktober Friday night traffic we managed to find parking near the entrance (parking ably supported by a midget par excellance) and headed to the bar.

As expected by any place called the Hobbit House, the interior is a tribute to JRR Tolkien's The Shire as evidenced by a large mural of the Fellowship of the Ring on the wall behind the stage as well as a number of faded pictures of fairies scattered throughout the place. More importantly, the midgets were there in force serving beer and food to both local and foreign patrons.

We found out then that the Mouse's friend, the Bear, had been a regular in that place during his band days as he went around greeting friends. That and the midget waitresses were all over the Bear fawning, which was quite a funny sight. (I was also worried a bit when the Mouse eyed the midgets as if bent on pouncing on 'em like a cat. Good thing she didn't.)

When we got there, there was a really good band playing on stage-- to my surprise I later found out it was The Jerks, one of the local rock-scene's aging rock gods. Though they weren't my time, I've heard of them and was glad we managed to catch them that night. They played a lot of great songs, including Steely Dan and The Doors. 'Twas quiet awesome with a capital 'A'.

After two or three rounds (and an order of popcorn and cheeseburger), we capped it off with a Mouse request for the band to play "Paint it Black" and then headed home 'round 2 a.m.

All in all, a pretty good night.

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