Monday, December 19, 2005

What are People Doing?

Whew. Been a busy December, though instead of attending Christmas parties, I've been to two weddings since December rolled around. And all in the balmy climes of Tagaytay except the wind and the rain was blowing up rather fierce last Saturday. We've been having weird weather here, I tell you. Talk about a wet Christmas.

Since I'd rather not do another book post, I'll see what people on my links are doing. (Kinda like blog surfing but instead of commenting, I'd end up here! Heh, I'm so smart.)

Jayps just moved into a new place and has a rather disturbing thought:

When any space with more than a dozen people within it is air conditioned for any considerable period of time, the accumulated farts generated by all these people form a cohesive current of discarded digestive gases that passes through the ventilation gathering each new emanation into it. At irregulal intervals, this entire seething mass of noxious fumes passes through the air conditioned room as one, causing people to sniff alarmedly and gaze at each other with ghastly, unspoken suspicion. Then the gas cloud passes and everyone resumes farting gently into their cushions.

Dean and Nikki have left for the States (pasalubong! *grins*) while Budoy is doing a year in review. He also mentioned that the Linzes siblings won the latest round of Amazing Race. Cool, as I haven't been able to watch the succeeding episodes after awhile and I was rooting for them.

Meanwhile, Anansi is ranting about being different (a.ka. crazy):

O.C. is an overused word (phrase?). So is “crazy”. Too many people like to describe themselves in such colorful terms — you’d think the world were filled with really interesting characters. It’s not.

On the other hand, Melissa is handling-- literally-- a devil of a household help:

But one night, Yaya Viv woke me up with frantic knocks on my bedroom door. I rushed to open it, and there she stood, her eyes wild, clutching her blanket. She said she thinks she’s being possessed.

Oh yes, Dodo is selling a few books, Jonas is quietly hobnobbing with the rich and powerful (you paparazzi you! *winks*) and Bing loved Sean Stewart's Firecracker (a.k.a. Perfect Circle). Heh, I'd probably try to do a review of Stewart's books one of these days.

And to fulfill a promise, everyone should read Pau (as evidenced by his some-what disastrous review of King Kong the movie):

Pau: Fine. So, about King Kong. What can you say about the use of parallelisms between the untamed jungle and New York city, and how Peter Jackson…
Mikey: I’m going to have to stop you there on account of I Don’t Care. Also, the glaring omission of King Kong’s cock from any of the scenes offends me.
Pau: …What?
Mikey: Cock! You know, genitalia. Penis. Schlong. Wang. Dong. Johnson. Manhood. Manflesh. One-eyed monster. Kongpedo.
Pau: Of course I know what a cock is.
Mikey: What a gay thing to say.

Oops! Gotta get back to work first. Back in a bit...

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