Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I can feel the clock ticking.

As of present, it's already February 21 and by my count, I have a week before the February 28 deadline of Fully-Booked's writing competition, the First Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards. Right now I'll probably re-submit a story I'd done before as I don't have time to write a new one.

Still, I have my doubts before I make my submission. For example, I'm not exactly sure what the judges will be looking for, what story will appeal to them. I'm also thinking: who's really judging the contest anyway? Is Neil Gaiman taking a part in the judging or is he just lending his name and it's all done by local judges? Likewise, will the name of the award, Gregorio Brillantes, be any indication of what kind of stories they're looking for?

I'm obviously starting to panic but without the heavy-breathing yet. Hopefully, I can avoid a repeat of my comedy of errors routine during Vin's draconic submission.

Now I know some people have finished their story but I'm wondering how the rest of you people are doing. After all, there's a 100,000 buck pot at the end of this rainbow.

Meanwhile, Fence issued this writing challenge a month ago but it's taking me forever to find a pretty picture to go with it. Sorry about that. Can anyone throw a poor suffering writer a picture to write a story about?

Anyway, since our local servers are down and I can't do any news updates, I'm off to work on my submission...

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