Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'm Not Getting Any Younger


Last Friday, I hurt myself without meaning to while picking up [identity-protected] from work. As she was coming down from the building, I left my car parked in the drive-way and ran to help her with her bags. Unfortunately, I twisted my right ankle on the steps and in order to avoid falling, I twisted to my left side.

Wrong move!

When I landed, I felt a sharp pain in the said left side like I had pinched or stretched a muscle badly. When I felt it, it didn't seem like I had broken anything so I thought I had just pulled a muscle. Likewise, I didn't seem to be having a hard time eating nor was I pissing any blood after a few days. However, after a week, it still aches and I have a hard time using the left side of my ab muscles: lying on my back is excruciating while running is torturous. Eh.

This just makes me realize that I'm not getting any younger. Before, I'd get a bruise, bump or cut and by the next day, I'd be back in the saddle again. Now, it seems like it's taking forever to recover, dammit.

Ah well. In other news, here are a few things I picked up over the internet:

The Philippines and SPAM have a long and delicious history together. After all, where else can you find a country that has a restaurant that specializes in it? I, for one, grew up in a household where SPAM used to be a regular staple during breakfast time. So when I found about this, well, I couldn't resist:

For over six years, Mike Arcega's been making and showing his SPAM/MAPS of different geographic regions for different political purposes. As far as I know, his first one was a map of all of the islands of the Philippines, by island.

Heh. Break out the fried rice and banana catsup! *wry grin*

(Via Clare Light's atlas(t).)

And I suppose everyone's heard from one person who knew another person who knew someone who got hypnotized and robbed? Well, Carlos Celdran-- the Walker of Intramuros-- relates how he actually experienced it himself:

I finally arrived at my bank and this was when things got really mental. After filling out a deposit slip and counting the money one last time before sticking it into the envelope, I realized Php1,000.00 was missing. "Wha? How could that be?" I thought. I counted the money again. This time - and to my horror - Php3,000.00 was missing. I counted once more. Php5,000.00 missing. It seemed like the money was evaporating right before my eyes. I began to panic. After counting one last time and finding Php7,000.00 gone, I gave up. I handed the envelope over to the bank teller and asked her to count it for me. What she told me afterwards drained me of all color. I was missing Php10,000.00. Good god. I was hypnotized.

Very surreal indeed.

(Via Ian Casocot.)

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