Thursday, June 01, 2006

Curious Cat Question

So I have a DSL connection at home.

And a friend of mine, Rhoch, just installed BitTorrent in my computer.

Given that one can download whole albums rather than songs from Torrent, this cat is wondering: what one band would you recommend?


forgottenmachine said...

Bleedin' 'eck. Just ONE?

Well, I'll cheat slightly by pointing you in the direction of the Bella Union label (

Otherwise, hmmm. I'll suggest something different. Destroyer, and the album Destroyer's Rubies.

Oh, and Spoon's Gimme Fiction.

Oh, and......I'm lousy at this, aren't I.

Eldritch00 said...

I need more information about your tastes in music in order to do so, because I can cite several essential albums. You may or may not think in terms of genre: danceable, heavy, guitar-based, electronic, songwriting, experimentation, etc.

JP said...

Good points, but I'll just shoot sme reccos anyway:

Acid Bath
Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Freak Kitchen

bitta variety there for you...

Mayang said...

try indie: the darkeness, beck, deathcab for cutie, armor for sleep, pinback, flaming lips, imogen head, sugarcult and lots... ;)

guile said...

i agree with mayang regarding imogen heap.. she transcends genres actually.. or you might try the garden state soundtrack, nice place to start :)..

Dodo said...

Here's a random hodgepodge of ten to start you off, banzai.

Architecture In Helsinki
- - - kidpop for adults
Can - - -for classic weird
Dredg - - -Sorta like Incubus, if they were any good
Ibrahim Ferrer - - - balm
Ladytron - - -synthpop played by shiny beauties, Miya Arroyo is yummy
Pixies - - -for classic rock
Supercar - - - J-pop gone electro, a happy pill and a half
Sonic Youth - - - for classic rock, Pt.II. Murray St. and A Thousand Leaves are indispensable
Television - - -particularly Marquee Moon. Guitarporn.
Tom Waits - - -our generation's Dylan, except wilder and weirder

Hope some of these float your boat.

forgottenmachine said...

Since everybody's breaking the rules, here are a few more.....

Fair to Midland
Andrew Bird
Serena Maneesh
Circa Survive
Godspeed You Black Emperor
Red Sparowes

And I'll second the Nevermore, Imogen Heap, Architecture and Dredg nominations.....

Mayang said...

and some other more: skunk anansie, amon tobin, the decemberists, say hi to your mom, alex gopher, placebo, morcheeba, cibo matto. want some more?! LoL ;)

Dean said...

Ryuichi Sakamoto's Media Bahn & Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia

Black Box Recorder's England Made Me

Der Fuhrer said...

Sigur Ros's Takk and ()
Imogen Heap
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Dodo said...

Seconding Sarena Maneesh.

banzai cat said...

Great, thanks everyone! Will collate everyone's contributions and post which one's I'm getting. :-)