Friday, August 18, 2006

Easy Come, Easy Go

The bad news: I almost sideswiped a guy while on my way to work. Though it was the guy's fault (he was crossing illegally and playing chicken with the on-rushing cars), I know I'm still at fault because I'm the one with the car.

Also, the guy wasn't hurt but I thought he was looking for an easy buck because when I offered 1K in recompense, he wanted 200 bucks more supposedly because the medicine he had "dropped" was worth that much.

Me, I'm just pissed because I only had that thousand-peso bill in my wallet and now that's 1K gone.

The good news: Remember that promise I made myself to raise the bar at work? Because of the extra work load, I'm getting a raise starting this September. Not bad, not bad.

Now I can't decide if I'm ecstatic over the raise or depressed over the incident this morning.



Eldritch00 said...

Congratulations on the raise, and I'd love to help you decide that being ecstatic over it is worth more your time/effort/emotions than being depressed about the incident.

Nevertheless, one of the minor reasons why I don't drive is because I would probably find an experience like that such a nightmare, even without the brazen attempt to bilk more money from you. In what part of the city did this happen?

Der Fuhrer said...

Woah. Its the dude's fault mostly.

Rhochie said...

You didn't even hit him. Tsk, tsk, I'd have offered him nothing.

Although, you could run him over for real, then pay him P2400 for his troubles. Then while driving away, shout "Learn to play Frogger, bitch!" :P

melissa said...

Hey I thought I told you to take care. 9 - ? lives = too few. Meow. kitty.

And hey again, I have a new hive, ssshhh don't tell:
Same bee, different sting.

banzai cat said...

eldritch: Hehe it occurred over in Quirino highway in Manila. Unfortunately, that stretch always has a lot of people crossing the road without regard to the crossing lanes. And it doesn't help that traffic in Manila is reminiscent of the Road Warrior except with more traffice jams.

fuhrer: Thanks man. :-)

rhoch: Well, I think I did swiped him though what gets me is that he jumped in front of me. Now how do you move a hundred-pound car from one point to another in a split-
second. Meh.

As for not offering him anything, I had no choice: the intersection had a red light. Though it did occur to me to run and gun.
Shouting the Frogger thing is an extra. ;-)

melissa: Hi! Hehe yeah though it irks me that despite how careful I live, I always shave a life or two nowadays. I have noticed that this normally happens when I drive. Hmm...

skinnyblackcladdink said...

strange. this post slipped past my radar.

anyway, congratulations on the raise, and screw those opportunistic freeloaders! being depressed over that sort of thing has no purpose. why ruin your day over the goddamn stupid smuttiness of a stranger?

i hate opportunistic freeloaders. its hard enough being one, you have to compete with others, too.