Thursday, October 19, 2006

Curious Cat Question

Before anything, here's a rather inspirational speech by grotesque writer Clive Barker:

"I think we should cancel the word genre, I think we should throw the word genre out. We are not a genre, which suggests a small or perhaps even somewhat besieged condition - we are a continent and, actually most of the smaller things which came along afterwards like naturalism, realism, these things are a mere 200 years old, to pick up Ramsey’s word, they are striplings. How long has naturalistic fiction been around – maybe 300 years?

"We are in a tradition which began, we may assume, around campfires as stories were told and gods were made and goddesses were worshipped and the fundamentals, the primal concerns of human beings, were laid out. Fuck genre – this isn’t about genre, this is about the fact that we are writing and painting and making in film form expressions of the profoundest issues of the human heart!"

In relation to this, I currently can't decide what story to submit to Philippine Genre Stories so I thought I'd throw the matter to whoever's out there listening at the moment. Basically, PGS is looking for genre short stories (i.e. fantasy, science-fiction, speculative, crime, mystery, detective, horror, suspense) to publish. Unfortunately, I don't really do much crime, mystery, suspense, or detective stories stories so I have to fall back on my regular stuff.

My options are:

  1. a story straight out of those anime duel series between humans trafficking in child slavery and local blood-thirsty monsters;
  2. a Lovecraftian story about a guy who keeps blacking out and what he keeps bringing back, my take on the Elder Gods thing; and
  3. a horror story about a psychopath falling in love with a girl who turns out to be more of an actual monster than he is.

Hmmm... am I sensing a pattern here?

I actually have some other ideas that aren't horror but my fantasy need a lot of work (i.e. they're of the high fantasy vein or of the magical realist shade). *grumbles*

In other news, has anyone else had experience with hemin bread?

Curious cats wanna know...


skinnyblackcladdink said...

it would be difficult to choose from your stories without having read them, hint, hint, but i'd suggest the one you think is *most original*, or, if you like, most representative of your writing, as long as they fall clearly into any of the genres they're talking about.

Sean said...

If Murphy's Law is any indication, we'll all probably end up submitting stories that have little or nothing to do with the plots we're considering right now. :(

Der Fuhrer said...

haha. this time, I already have a story in the works. It needs a lot of polishing though.

If I get to do a lot more research, my story will probably turn into hard SF.

I pick the psychopath's story.

And this time, I really intend to submit this one.

banzai cat said...

skinny: Um, I'd post samples but I don't even have enough for that. On the other hand, thanks for the word to the wise. I think I have an idea now which story to go for. (And if anyone asks, tell 'em I have a Lovecraft story to write.) ;-)

sean: Hah! Murphy doesn't like it when I barely make the deadline so that's alright. :-D

fuhrer: Hey, that's great. How's sembreak anyway? :-)

As for the psychopath story, well... am kinda wary doing the psychopath and the duel stories because-- let's face it, everyone's using local monsters for Filipino stories. I wanna try something different.

Now to read up on my Lovecraft...

skinnyblackcladdink said...

er, don't post them. posting is considered publishing, and if i remember correctly, pgen is, like a lot of publications that want first dibs on stories, online or otherwise, are strict about that.

banzai cat said...

Heh I normally don't like to inflict my stories to people who read my blog. Too painful for them. That's why they have to read 'em in books or magazines they actually have to buy.

Der Fuhrer said...

me? sembreak for me. we still have 3 days of hospital duty every week. Bah.

banzai cat said...

Ah, but that leaves you four days out of the week to do everything else, right?