Monday, December 18, 2006

Once More With Feeling

Alluelluia! Done and done with my submission last week!

Apologies to everyone if I've been neglecting this blog the past month. Deadlines, the Christmas rush, a whole lot of traffic, and a little sickness on the side now seem be the major events in my life.

What's strange is that I can't seem to shake off the feeling that I should be writing more stories at the moment. Am I now *gasp* an addict? Or a writer?


On a funny note, I must remember that when I'm submitting to international publications, any deadline is-- thanks to the international dateline-- one day later than us. In this case, December 15 in the Philippines is obviously a day ahead of December 15 in the US. Stupid of me to forget.

In any case, will try to get some reviewing done here as am feeling guilty about usually unloading vague writer's angst here.


dean said...

I wish the best for your story, BC! I hope they select it! - dean

banzai cat said...

Thanks dean! All my paws are crossed! ;-)