Monday, December 11, 2006

We Have Lift-Out! (Again!)

So, for once in my life, I managed to get to an event on time. A little early, actually. (Heh. I sometimes think I'll be late at my own funeral.)

Yes, I'm talking about yesterday's book launch of the Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 2 despite the rain and the really lousy traffic/parking in Greenhills. Alas, I don't have pictures like dean and charles so people will just have to settle for my (poor) recounting of the events.

I arrived at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Promenade Mall a few minutes before launch time together with [identity-protected]. dean (the man-with-many-hats including publisher/editor/writer/father) was already there together with alex and wife kate waiting for the books (which eventually arrived). Later on dean's wife and fellow-writer nikki showed up with daughter sage, as did the other writers included in the anthology.

dean was the ringleader of the event, welcoming the people (family and friends of the writers mostly) and assuring them that, no, their loved ones were not crazy for being writers, much more writers of the "weird stuff" (that's how my dad describes what I write). dean also introduced the writers present, with more than two-thirds being able to come to the launch. There was readings from three of the writers and afterwards, he opened the counter for book-buying.

Some snippets I remember with some of the writers and friends present at the event:

- having a smoke with [identity-protected] and dean outside the coffeeshop before the books arrived and talking about aesthetics, specfic, post-colonialism, why writers write and what they should aim for;

- congratulating andrew on his great work on RAN Online, a weekly comic in The Philippine Star comic section;

- chatting with alex as we lugged the books in (I still wonder why he got the lighter load considering he was the bigger guy!);

- talking with nikki and charles and teasing the latter about how his 'quantum mass theory' regarding his body-weight makes him a dangerous Schroedinger's cat (one clue: don't look underneath the coat!);

- teasing maddy for trying to get three books signed and then getting karma-clubbed when I had to get the copy of my future mother-in-law signed also;

- apologizing to sky-- again-- for not bringing a promised copy of William Gibson's Neuromancer after I failed to bring it during last year's launch (hey man! I'll mail it to you instead!);

- the funny back-patting between vin and me-- he lauded my stories with 'Filipino sensibilities' while I told him it was his idea in the first place (starting with the dragons in the Philippines!);

- the appearance of der furher, coming all the way from Olongapo despite some parental concerns, and some of the 4J Boys, who were 'persuaded' to buy copies (we need the royalties, people!);

- charles as the ultimate writer's guide, helping out yvette and [identity-protected] in pointing out who the writers were in the room;

- the appearance of kyu of Philippine Genre Stories, who brought copies of the first issue of the Philippine Genre Stories Digest to be sold at the launch (cool!);

All in all, it was a fun event... and it would be made perfect if you people buy the books. So go do it: you know you want to.

P.S. Any people not in Manila who want a copy of either books? Leave a note. And who do I owe cookies again?

P.P.S. gelay, jp: I know I still owe you a copy of the first volume but dean told me that we're 'technically' sold out. Will see if I can get a copy somewhere!


Der Fuhrer said...


I'm from Olongapo BTW, hindi Pampanga


banzai cat said...

Ooops! Sorry man! Yep, still owe you cookies. And thanks for the kind words. :-)

Vin said...

Hi bc!

It was nice meeting you again. I enjoyed your story. Sci-fi with dragons. Nice work! Keep it up. :)

Now onto unicorns... ;P

banzai cat said...

Hehe ditto vin. As for unicorns, hmm...