Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Darkness Lost, Darkness Found

I love anthologies.

Moreover, I love short story anthologies that are definitive, like Harlan Ellison's Dangerous Visions, Peter Straub's Conjunctions 39, Alberto Manguel's Blackwater, James Patrick Kelley and John Kessel's Feeling Very Strange, Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss's upcoming Interfictions, Jeff and Ann Vandermeer's upcoming The New Weird (I know, the last two are not out yet, give me a break), or Robert Silverberg's Legends. (yes, this is disputable but hey, it looks nice on my shelf).

So imagine my surprise when I found (and bought) at a second-hand bookstore a trade paperback copy of The Dark Descent, the seminal horror anthology edited by David Hartwell.

Alas, my only regret is that I once found a hardbound copy of Foundations of Fear-- the companion anthology to to the above-- but didn't pick it up. I was young then... and foolish.


I don't suppose anyone's seen a copy of this I can buy?


guile said...

i'm green with envy..

banzai cat said...

Hah, don't be. Bookhunting is all about patience, determination and lotsa luck. I figure eventually, like that saying about sitting in one place for a long time, eventually one will find something interesting... ;-)