Saturday, March 31, 2007

Curious Cat Question

Just picked up the Heroes season 1 DVD after hedging for so long.

I actually started it when it first came out (courtesy of torrent) but wasn't able to keep up. Now that season 1's (almost) over, am willing to give it a try again. This after finishing DVDs of Prisonbreak (season 2) and Battlestar Galactica (season 1-2).

Too bad Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (which I've seen a couple of episodes) has only just started.

My question is: if you were to have a super-power, but one that would be totally useless, what would it be?


Eldritch00 said...

Everyone's been recommending I watch Heroes, but it takes a while for me to psyche myself up for a television series. Someday soon.

As for your super-power question, my choice of super-power isn't actually so much "useless" as rather "unsuper":

I want to be able to forgo the need to eat and sleep without being affected by it in any way. I should add, however, that this means I can enjoy eating and sleeping even more, given that I've bypassed the need and practicality aspects of those two activities.

Dodo said...

X ray eyes. Not entirely useless - - - what superpower truly is? - - -but there you go. For pervert reasons,mostly. :-)

Heroes is good fun, banzai. But Studio 60 is lovely. Pales a shade or two next to Deadwood - - -but what doesn't? That was probably the finest piece of TV since Twin Peaks - - - but it's snappy, smart and engaging. Sorkin's a gas and I hope they renew this for a second season. Check out Spooks (aka M:I5) and Rome, too.

Anonymous said...

Is any power truly useless? =) - Charles

banzai cat said...

eldritch: Tell me about it. I barely have enough time for [identity-protected], read and write altogether and I'm still going to add more to my plate by watching a marathon of TV shows? Yikes.

As for you power, that's not a bad idea. In fact I think there may be a story actually. ;-)

dodo: Hah! But I gotta say x-ray eyes doesn't count since it's more or less useful.

As for Deadwood, weirdly enough it doesn't call me but then again, I also didn't have any urge to watch Rome. I'd say it's an HBO thing but I liked Entourage.

charles: Of course! For example, one useless power I'd like to have is that of being able to walk through clear-glass. Tinted glass is also okay but smokey or covered glass doesn't. How's that for useless, eh?

Anonymous said...

Banzai: It's limited but not useless. You never know when you face a villain who likes using glass, or has a death trap wherein you're trapped in clear glass with the sun going to boil you (think of it as a glorified greenhouse)...

banzai cat said...

That reminds me of the joke about how Aquaman is totally useless unless the JLA has a sea mission. Ergo, he spends most of the time sulking at the JLA base. Hah!

skinnyblackcladdink said...

none of the 'powers' mentioned so far seem entirely useless.

me, i'd love the ability to automatically recite all the cusswords from 7 different languages strung together in a steady joycean stream.

at least twice. with feeling.

ramblingsoul said...

banzai: di pa kumpleto yan dvd ng heroes, di ba? up to episode what and nakalagay sa kopya mo? btw, hehe. ngayon lang ako nakadaan sa blog mo. may similar post ako re: heroes the other day. :)