Monday, April 23, 2007

The Book Orphanage is Downsizing

... In other words, am culling some books from my shelves so am wondering if anyone is interested in buying (or if need be, trading) some of them.

Here's a partial list:

  • Terry Brooks's Heritage of Shannara, books 1-4 (complete, P100)
  • Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality, books 1-7 (complete, P100)
  • David and Leigh Eddings The Malloreon, books 1-5 (complete, P100) and The Tamuli, books 1-3 (complete, P100)
  • Michael Stackpole's The Dragoncrown War, books 1-4 (complete, P100)
  • Jon Courtenay Grimwood's Pashazade (tpb, P50)
  • Eric Garcia's Anonymous Rex (tpb, P20)
  • Christopher Moore's Practical Demon-keeping (tpb, P20)
  • Aimee Bender's An Invisible Sign of My Own (tpb, P20)
  • Thomas Wheeler's The Arcanum (tpb, P50)
  • Alan Wall's The School of Night (tpb, P50)
  • Alan Campbell's Scar Night (tpb, P50)
  • Jude Fisher's Sorcery Rising (tpb, P50)
  • Glen Cook's The Tyranny of Night (mmpb, P15)
  • Charles Stross' The Family Trade (mmpb, P20)
  • John Ridley's Those Who Walk in Darkness (mmpb, P20)
  • Tom Arden's The Harlequin's Dance (book 1)
  • Dan Chernenko's The Bastard King (book 1)
  • James Morrow: City of Truth
  • Patrick o'Brian: Master and Commander
  • Judith Riley: The Master of All Desires
  • Sharon Kay Penman: Here be Dragons, Falls the Shadow, The Reckoning (complete trilogy)
  • Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle: The Burning City
  • Dave Barry: Big Trouble
  • Jane Yolen: Sister Light, Sister Dark
  • Kenneth Oppel: Airborn
  • Diana Wynne Jones: Cart and Cwidder
  • Jessica Zafra: Manananggal Terrorizes Manila and Other Stories
  • Dino Ignacio: The Tower of Misunderstanding
  • Clifford Simak: The Fellowship of the Talisman
  • Elizabeth Lynn: Watchtower (book 1)
  • Mark Chadbourn: The Queen of Sinister (book 2)
  • Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey: Tiger Burning Bright
  • Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton, Julian May: Black Trillium
  • Celia Thornton: The Ill-made Mute, The Lady of Sorrows (book 1, 2)
  • David Zindell: The Lightstone (book 1)
  • Marcus Herniman: The Siege of Arrandin (book 1)
  • Chelsea Quinn Yarbro: Ariosto
  • Jane Lindskold: Through Wolf's Eyes
  • Teresa Edgerton Child of Saturn, The Moon in Hiding
  • Joanne Bertin: Last Dragonlord, Dragon and the Phoenix
  • Christopher Hinz: Liege-killer (book 1)
  • Maureen McHugh: Half the Day is Night
  • Matthew Stover: Star Wars: Traitor
  • Fritz Leiber: Conjure Wife
  • F. Paul Wilson: The Tomb
  • Dan Simmons: Summer of Night

Yeah, some of these books are a bit old. What can I say, I got started young. *snort*

This list will be updated as I soon as I remember what books I had slotted out from my collection.


Charles said...

I'm interested in the Piers Anthony books. Just let me know what you want in return. (Perhaps a Y: The Last Man trade paperback?)

Dean said...

BC, let me get the Stackpoles for Vin. Cash or kind is fine with me. Let me either way, thanks :)

banzai cat said...

charles: Not a problem though alas, am not planning in getting comics at the mo. Unless you're going to trade me a COMPLETE set of Y:The Last Man TPBs? :-D

dean: Alrighty, what can you offer? ;-) The first three Stsackpole books are actually in good condition; the last 2 are a bit battered.

Anyway, youse people just tell me how and when. :-)

Charles said...

I could also get the Edding's books if no one's biting. =)

Dean said...

Cash is simplest. Or you can wait for our next book culling and take your pick :)

Anonymous said...

I'm meeting Banzai on Sunday Dean. Want me to get the books for you and drop it off at your condo? - Charles

banzai cat said...

charles: You haven't read Eddings already?

dean: What Charles said. And cash is fine... er, when's your next culling again? ;-)

Charles said...

I've read Eddings but I can always give the books to someone else. =)

Der Fuhrer said...

I really want to get Grimwood, Moore and Wheeler. The problem is on how to pick them up. Hehehe

banzai cat said...

charles: Really? Well, I could always get you the first Eddings books if you're reaaaally interested...

That way your friend can splurge on an Eddings-fest. ;-)

fuhrer: Oy. Sorry man, but someone else scored first on Grimwood and Moore. But can reserve the Wheeler for you if you like...

Dean said...

BC - I'll take the Aimee Bender as well. No schedule for our culling yet though.

Charles - Can you pick up the books from BC and I'll reimburse? If it's not okay, no prob. Bc and I will work something out. :)

Charles said...

Dean: no problem. =)

Banzai: Just send me the books you don't want and I'll gladly pay for them.

banzai cat said...

dean: Check! :-)

charles: See ya later also! :-)

Der Fuhrer said...

what about Scar Night and The School of Night? I'll take them if they aren't

banzai cat said...

Not a problem :-)

I also reserved Arcanum for you.

Der Fuhrer said...

Yay! Thanks! See ya soon! :D

banzai cat said...

You're welcome :-)

gabe said...

You know that I desperately, desperately want the Heritage of Shannara, right?

banzai cat said...

Heh. Yer a wiseacre, man. ;-)

bingskee said...

i want to buy some of your books. how do i contact you?

banzai cat said...

Hi bing! You can email me at estranghero * at * gmail * dot * com and I can send you a whole list of the books. :-)

As for the delivery of books, if not a meet, I can send it via LBC if you like.