Friday, April 20, 2007

Waiting for May

Eh. Sorry for the lack of updates, folks. Was hit again by my bloody kidney stones last Wednesday and was popping Ponstan like candy. The heat isn't helping even as I'm suffering from a sty in the eye (Quasimodo cat, anyone?) and hyper-acidity. Makes me feel like bloody Job.

In the meantime, will try to write some stories during the blog-break as am feeling envious how everyone seems to be submitting stories left and right.

I guess it's too much to hope for a break in the heat, given weather forecasts of an even hotter May. And you know what that means... time for a vacation!


Charles said...

What? Writing? Who's getting any writing done? =)

Hope your kidney stones get better. And I get styes on a regular basis (I have to shampoo my eyebrows everyday...) so...

banzai cat said...

Heh I know what you mean. As for the stye, it's the bloody heat, that's what it is... grrr!