Friday, May 11, 2007

Banzai Cat's Unavoidable Rules of Metro Manila Driving

Unfortunately, I spend at least a minimum of two hours everyday driving around the streets of Metro Manila-- usually to- and from work. So I suppose somethings become impossible not to think of, like some unavoidable rules of Metro Manila driving. Meh.

  1. When Edsa (or a main thoroughfare) is clear before you, don't comment on it or else a few meters down the road, there's this huuuuge traffic buildup. Don't even think it.
  2. If it's traffic where you are, the opposing lane is free and clear. And usually, there's no escaping that since there's an imposing island between you and a u-turn to freedom.
  3. Public transport vehicles operate on a speed-size ratio: the bigger they are (like buses or trucks), the more the drivers think they're driving a smaller, faster car able to zip through the tightest places. For smaller vehicles like taxis and tricycles, the drivers think they're so large they usually take up a two-lane road.
  4. In 9 out 10 cases, you can't beat the next stoplight before it turns red so don't even try it. Corollary to this, on the single case, this usually applies to slow cars scared of running a red light such that everyone behind them get stuck when the light changes.
  5. Motorists in Metro Manila seem to be fascinated by rain so when it even just drizzles a bit, traffic slows down. When it rains properly, expect to be stuck in traffic for some time. When it rains hard, lean back your chair and take a nap.
  6. There is no rhyme nor reason to traffic. An hour-long traffic jam may ultimately reveal to you that what seems to be the reason for the traffic is... absolutely nothing.
  7. Metro Manila is a small city: you can get anywhere in 15 minutes. But in the daytime, always allot 45 minutes for traffic. So you're better off driving during the wee hours of the night. (And that's not even for sure.)
  8. While driving, you see your lane is slow and when you transfer to the next lane-- the one that's moving-- your original lane starts moving and you get left behind (thanks kyu!).
  9. When driving, everyone is a bastard except you.

Will add some more as I think on this... (Suggestions are also welcome.)


dodo dayao said...

No.5- - -yeah. Only in the Philippines. . .

banzai cat said...

Hehe got that right. Got any ideas too? :-D