Monday, June 18, 2007

Plug and Play

So I'm back, disgruntled as a cat with a dirty kitty litter and no human in sight.

Ironically, I've been experiencing a kind of writer's constipation in that I've been juggling trying to write two stories in my head, plus a book review-- and all I could do are blog posts. So what I ended up was a total blockage of all writing. Meh.

In the end, I've decided to ease myself back into the blogging world this week by following the ancient tradition of linkages. So follow me to see what I've been keeping track.

  1. It's good to note that dean has opened up his litcritters to anyone who wants to check it out, the first session being this Saturday (June 24) at A Different Bookstore in Serendra, Fort Bonifacio. Personally, I like playing debate (right, skinny?) as much as the next guy so it would be fun to discuss spec fic and writing stuff with dean, vin, andrew, nikki, alex, kate and kyu. Alas, but I'll probably be in Baguio this weekend so will try to go to the next sessions instead.
  2. kyu, together with dean and vin, also had a radio interview at Mellow 94.7 last Thursday (here are the transcripts, courtesy of charles). It was great to hear these guys talk about spec fic though the male radio DJ got my goat when he said:
    "From what I'm seeing here, it's all words. No pictures. Wouldn't that be, it would take more than just your imagination to get through this, right?"
    Actually, all it takes is imagination for crying out loud. Geez, what is it with these people? (Yes, I'm talking to you also, rhoch!)
  3. Webcomic artist Steve of My Elves are Different did a real bang-up job on the blog meme Blog Like Its the End of the World featuring a global zombie uprising that bloggers would post about last June 13. (Some locals I know who survived include charles and andrew eldritch.)
  4. Unfortunately, was thinking of joining BLITEOTW but forgot. What's ironic is that one of the stories I'm currently struggling with is a zombie story that wants to be transform itself from a horror-adventure into a socio-political commentary. So this would have been soooo right up my phobia-obsession-fixation. Gah.
  5. It's nice to see the human faces of bloggers so here's my 'goodtameetchasfinally' to magnum-poet rambling-soul and Dumaguete overlord ian casocot.
  6. And many thanks to fuhrer (who I met last Saturday to sell some books) for pointing out to me one of those temporary Chapter & Pages in SM City. Joy of joys, I managed to pick up TPB copies of Caitlin Kiernan's Low Red Moon, Graham Joyce's Dreamside and Mike Resnick's The Outpost, all for a hundred bucks each. My heart swoons.

Let's see, anything else? No? Good.


Vin said...

Hahaha! I was taken aback by the DJ's statement too! Ah well...

HAve fun in Baguio. Join us next time. :)

banzai cat said...

Will try! :-)

Dean said...


M.R.M. said...

Now *that's* a blog post. Even though I couldn't follow all the references, it's nice to see you in good form. :-) But write those damn stories! (the pot said to the kettle)

(Married life's treating me well, thanks, man. Hope your relationships is also going well!)

Der Fuhrer said...

Many thanks to you too! :D

banzai cat said...

dean: well, I was being polite. :-D

mahesh: Hehe sorry man, was just my version of putting up links because was too lazy to post. (Actually, you're right, that's a *true* blog post.)

And good to hear you're doing well. Though am wondering what the hell is going with the world now that both you and jp are tied down now. ;-)

fuhrer: You're welcome though I gotta tell ya, for three hundred bucks, those selections were pretty good finds. :-)

Der Fuhrer said...

yeah. If I wasn't really hunting for Un Lun Dun and Logorrhea that day, I would've snatched all the titles you told me about. Plus, I might've picked up Saffron and Brimstone too.

banzai cat said...

Grr, heh don't remind me of the Hand collection. Which is a temporary* Grail book for me in a way. ;-)

*temporary in a sense there a lot of copies around in NBS so it's easy for me to get if not for the lack of funds at the moment.

Eldritch00 said...

I really wish you were able to participate in BLITEOTW Day, too, but there's always next year, zombies or not.

I must admit I found myself gasping in envy at your acquisition of Dreamtime, but I'm thrilled that you found Low Red Moon. I'm curious to find out whether you prefer that or Threshold, but do try to read them in publication order even if the former isn't quite a sequel to the latter.

Funnily enough, I'm reminded of that time we met in Gateway, when you oh-so-kindly gave me two Graham Joyce novels, as well as the copy of Ramsey Campbell's Incarnate you found for me. Dreamtime is sorta like Graham Joyce's Incarnate, or so it seems, at least from the back-cover copy.

banzai cat said...

hehe yah me too. especially since I think I have zombies in both my brain and my stomach. braaaaiins!

seriously, am taking time before I start reading Caitlin Kiernan since I think it needs my full attention. anything less will result in my not enjoy it, I'm afraid I've noticed with previous books.

as for dreamtime, ah, so you've read it already?

Eldritch00 said...

Yeah, Kiernan might be one of those writers that you have to prep yourself for before starting.

And no, I haven't read Dreamtime, which explains my gasp of (admittedly good-natured) envy at your acquisition of it. I was just basing it on what I know of the novel's basic premise.

banzai cat said...

well, we'll eventually get there. which unfortunately means buying stuff for future reading (see "book-collecting, problems of" post). ;-)