Friday, June 08, 2007

Where Are All the Writers?

kyu is looking for more writers to submit to The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories, especially for the upcoming December issue.

Which makes me wonder, where are all the writers? Are they all busy with their real lives at the moment and no time to write? Or is there really only a small pool of writers to begin with? Is the Filipino writer-- *gasp*-- a dying species?

Submit, people, submit! Rejection is temporary but publication is forever!


Rhochie said...

Hmmm... You want grade-A fiction writers? Better check the Inquirer, they've got 'em by the dozen... (Disclaimer: Or so I'm told)

Seriously, the only storytellers I know personally are you and Mia.

I really believe that there are a lot of Pinoys with great ideas and vivid imaginations, only, they lack the skills or resources to make things happen. Plus, we'd rather read showbiz news over Twain or Kipling.

banzai cat said...

Hmmm... what do you mean Inquirer has 'em by the dozen? Who sez? Just curious.

I do think that a number of local writers who want to try their hand in breaking into the biz are somewhat ignorant of the available markets.

As for showbiz news, heh when was the last time you read Twain or Kipling?

Rhochie said...

I've yet to see retractions for some of the stories they printed. Picture this: two other broadsheets report an incident the same way, and they present another.

Let's just say the news writers didn't do their homework properly, that or they went a little overboard with the mescaline while in front of the keyboard.

Little things really, but it adds up. A little embellishment here, an omission there... you get the picture.

Anyway, there doesn't seem to be any way for small writers to make it in the country. Aside from having a backer, there's really no other option than to go work on something else but related to their passion: typesetting, speech writing, etc. Hoping to make enough money to be able to write what they want, they soon get caught up and forget about it all together.

True, it's been years since I read the works of these authors. But haven't you heard? Books are overrated. Unless they have pictures in them, people won't read them. :P

banzai cat said...

Hehe you're funny. :-P

Seriously, that's true: if you want to become a writer, don't quit your day job. However, that hasn't stopped lots of 'em locally. Between Art and the Real World, these people are willing to throw everything with a roll of a dice. Personally, I know I write commercial stuff so am not holding my breath for that day when I can say I write stories for a living.

As for picture books, didn't the grade school teacher ever move you up from the kiddie section in the library? :-D

Rhochie said...

There are other book sections???

banzai cat said...

*groans, slaps palm to head*