Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Movies I'll Miss at the Theater (and be forced to buy the pirated DVD)

Here's an interesting of forthcoming movies (from SFFWorld with great commentary and appropriate links in SFSignal):

  1. 30 Days of Night -- Produced by Sam Raimi. A fantasy horror film about a town in Alaska that experiences a month of nighttime and a visit from a group of vampires.
  2. Aliens vs. Predator -- The bizarre pairing of the monsters of the Alien movies and the Predator movies continues with this horror sequel to Alien vs. Predator.
  3. Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She Vampires -- Bruce Campbell reprises his role as an elderly Elvis Presley in this sequel to indie cult hit Bubba Ho-Tep.
  4. The Dark is Rising -- A fantasy film based on the YA books of Susan Cooper.
  5. The Dark Knight -- The sequel to Batman Begins about DC Comic's caped crusader.
  6. Enchanted -- A comedy from Disney in which a princess and her prince are cast from their animated fairyland into the real world.
  7. G.I. Joe -- The action toys/comics/cartoon soldiers come to the big screen.
  8. I Am Legend -- Based on the classic sf horror story about humanity turned into zombies from a virus and the last man on Earth. Starring Will Smith.
  9. Incredible Hulk II -- Since the first one didn't take, they're making a sequel about Marvel Comics' famous green super-creature.
  10. Indiana Jones IV -- Harrison Ford and co. saddle up for one last time, set during the 1950's Red Scare.
  11. Iron Man -- The alcoholic billionaire in the metal suit moves from comics to the silver screen. Starring Robert Downey Jr.
  12. Jurassic Park IV -- Because you can never get enough of raptors ripping people in two, the film series based on Michael Crichton's sf horror novels returns for another installment.
  13. The Mummy III -- Brendon Fraser returns in the next chapter of the horror series about dealing with dead people.
  14. Prince Caspian -- The next Narnia movie, based on the children's book by C.S. Lewis. Be sure to get some cupcakes to go along with it.
  15. Puss in Boots -- The cat with Antonio Banderas' voice is getting his own spin-off flick from the Shrek series.
  16. Speed Racer -- The ultimate car racing cartoon becomes a live action movie.
  17. The Spiderwick Chronicles -- A new children's film based on the popular series by Tony DeTerlizzi and Holly Black.
  18. Temeraire -- Produced by Peter Jackson, adapted from the first novel in Naomi Novik's alternate history fantasy series about dragons in the Napoleonic Wars.
  19. Where the Wild Things Are -- The live action movie based on the most famous children's picture book of all time.

A number of these I'm interested in watching, like 30 Days of Night and Puss in Boots. Yes, I know the latter is a spin-off but how can anyone resist a cat in a starring role, right?

In other news, I would love to have this great Cthulu chess set (link also taken from SFSignal). Now I have this image in my head of two humans using this set to play chess even as the Old Ones play chess with the human world. (Circles upon circles upon...)


skinnyblackcladdink said...

not interested in cloverfield? i thought you, of all people, would be, with all your Lovecraft-love.

also, i hear Hulk is a re-boot, not a sequel; last I heard, Ed Norton gets to be the Lean Green Machine's wussass alter ego.

wasn't that Fight Club, though?

banzai cat said...

Really? The comment on Cloverfield was some monster thing though not really Lovecraftish. If it can match up with the Korean movie, The Host, then I'm there at the ticket-line.

bingskee said...

i love the movies from 9-14.

find time, find time for yourself to relax and enjoy a movie.

we are currently enjoying the books. thanks for the kindness.

banzai cat said...

You're welcome :-)

skinnyblackcladdink said...

well, the lovecraft thing is a rumor. but you know, once you reference The Book, you stir up the Vowel-less Over-consonanted Powers That Be, and no matter what it's really about, it's bound to prickle the pink people-eater's passionate purple prose

banzai cat said...

Mmm... that's the thing about Lovecraft. Any slight reference and it's all downhill to New England already. ;-)