Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Friendly Fire

Just a quick post, in and out, you barely saw me here.


Everyone (and their sister) has already posted about the Malu Fernandez controversy and yes, it's old news by now.

My take on it?


Wouldn't it be cool to have a band named Malu Fernandez and the OFWs?

Yes, it is.

UPDATE: And on a serious note, here's a post by Tor editor Teresa Nielsen-Hayden on how to damage-control. Good advice.


cat with the fiddle said...

well, there are about 10MM OFW's out there, toiling for their families. so you certainly can't write anything even remotely derogatory without inciting the wrath of all those OFW families (which numbers 10MM multiplied by 10).

i'm glad you like the michael parkes picture. you might be interested to know that parkes includes cats (domestic or wild) in many of his works.

visit his site:

banzai cat said...

hehe thanks on the link :-)

as for malu fernandez's attempt to write, it would have gone easier for her if her attempt to write scathingly had any intelligent wit to back it up. alas, a lot of people make this same mistake. ;-)