Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Book Bug Bites Again

As if I hadn't have enough books, author Jeff Vandermeer announced a massive book sale on his blog and I went and bought a number of books even though I hate paying stuff online. Thankfully, he's willing to accept a check in the mail.

You people should check out the books he has for sale. He even has Alberto Manguel's hard-to-find Black Water 2: More Tales of the Fantastic and has the pic to prove it. Trust me, it's hard to find because I could never find a scan of this book online. Likewise, he has pics on his blog showing some right-pretty hardbound giant-sized books. Veritable works of art, they are.

For myself, I got (description taken from Jeff's listings):

(1) Fantasy: The Very Best of 2005, edited Jonathan Strahan (Locus Publications, tp) - ...The original publisher, ibooks, folded, and Locus Publications stepped in to rescue the volume. It features work by Neil Gaiman, Peter S. Beagle (in his Last Unicorn world), Jane Yolen, Jeffrey Ford, Bruce Sterling, Kelly Link, and my own "The Farmer's Cat". For what that's worth.

(2) Martinez, A. Lee Gil's All Fright Diner; new from Tor, in pristine condition, a zombie attacks a small town diner, dynamic and often funny, with an awesome cover.

(3) Ellen Datlow and Terry Windling's Year's Best of Fantasy and Horror #6 and 10 [NB: which was part of a bunch of Datlow/Windling's Year's Best stuff he had]

Now if I only had enough money, I'd get a signed copy of Jeff and Ann Vandermeer's edited anthology, The Best American Fantasy. Now that's a nice-looking book by its own right.


Eldritch00 said...

Nice! Credit card payment?

Anonymous said...

WOW! Booklussst... :D

Hey BC, what's your email again? I wanna ask you something! Here's mine:




banzai cat said...

andrew: Nup, like I said, check in the mail. I'm that kind of a luddite. ;-)

andrew: Go buy! Go buy! :-)

Seriously, I emailed you. What's up?