Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

*pokes head out of hiding*


I just heard that Kristin Mandigma of Read or Die has had her story accepted and up for publishing for Clarkesworld online magazine. Great news indeed.

I know Clarksworld fiction editor, Nick Mamatas, is really hard to please in terms of stories so getting his attention is fine work.

Meanwhile, I'm currently lacking sleep, haven't eaten lunch yet, and running on cigarettes and coffee. But all the pistons in my mind are running at full-tilt as I write for the deadlines and I'm feeling a real high.


Update: Here's the cover of the new issue and you can read her story here. Goody.


JP said...

Great news for Ms. Mandigma, and it feels good to learn of a fellow Asian breaking into a market like that.

As far as your own foodless, sleepless, coffee-and-smke fuelled jag - you're really going for it like a cat on a hot tin roof! Rock on, man.

banzai cat said...

hehe still alive, man, still alive. ;-)

Read said...

Oh, sorry, I missed this post (strangely enough since we read your blog regularly).

Thank you for the well wishes :)

banzai cat said...

Hehe you're welcome. And congrats again!