Friday, October 26, 2007

Looking for Ever

Er, paging local bookhounds?

I hope you people don't mind if I ask a favor: am currently looking for the works of this barely-known fantasist, Felicity Savage, but am having a hard time finding a copy of her books in secondhand bookshops.

To be specific, I'm currently looking for what Jeff Vandermeer called her proto-New Weird series, the Ever trilogy, which I managed to sample via her second book, The Daemon in the Machine. Now, am looking for the first and last books of the trilogy--A Trickster in the Ashes and The War in the Wastes-- so if anyone can help out?

Yes, I can order it online but I don't want to. Alas, I'm spending way too much already on ordering abroad. Ironically, the times I do find a copy of these books, I don't have the funds to get 'em. And when I do go back for 'em with money to burn, they're already gone. This happened with the third book in Booksale at the Valero branch and the first book at the Makati Cinema Square branch.

Sheesh. Makes me wonder if someone's trying to tell me something.

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