Tuesday, November 20, 2007


...Sort of.

It's been a bit of a madcap hell with my cell phone yesterday. I woke up with an enticing terminal message from the telco services in the morning and found out that my postpaid phone line has been cut off for lack of payment. (Well, I do have priorities, you know-- like eating and living!)

So, like any Filipino surviving on skills gained from barely-enough wages, I decided to buy a new prepaid sim and use that while I earn enough money to resurrect my old phone line.

Surprise! Surprise! In the afternoon, my phone crashed on me.


So this should serve as a warning: if ever you text me and I ask WTF (as in "who the fuck"), don't take it badly. The great phone crash of 2007 probably included your cell phone number.


Sean said...

What causes these technological devices to crash, anyway? It's not as though there's a secret "self-destruct" switch hidden among all those buttons and options. It's like they develop minds of their own, or something like that.

Maybe your phone did develop an mind of its own, Cat. Maybe it started to get jealous about the fact that you were talking to all those people more than you were talking to its own telecommunicative personality. You should take it out to dinner sometime to try and patch things up.


Charles said...

It's a conspiracy!

banzai cat said...

sean: Well, I could do that. But that would probably get my PC jealous. And we don't even want to talk about my relationship with the TV. *gulp*

charles: You mean nobody told abut that? ;-)