Monday, December 17, 2007

Back Again (And Trying Not to Let My Lungs Rattle Too Much*cough cough*)

Yes, was sick last week so I've been Internet-less as much as possible while recovering. Aside from a cold, I had a cough that felt like the end of the world. (Well, it sounds like that to me.) Interesting the sound of your lungs trying to crawl out of your throat.

And no, I haven't quit smoking yet. Just switched to lights.

Before I forget, charles and I have copies of Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 3 that we're selling for dean while he's away. Anyone who wants to buy a copy (P300), just leave a comment or email me-- or even a text!

I have around 30 copies so let's move these lovely books out, yes?


Frances said...

Hi. How can I buy
Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 3? I'm dying to grab a copy for the Christmas break. Please email me:

banzai cat said...

Hey frances, will email you :-)