Friday, January 25, 2008

At the Tip of Your Tongue


Spent the past week trying to remember a video game of my childhood and finally broke down to google it. (Digression: so does that mean Google is now a verb?)

Unfortunately, I couldn't remember key words except for the fact that it had stick figures for characters, your character is being chased around a big chamber filled with tunnels and ladders, and you have to cross from the bottom right of the screen to the top left.

The game? Lode Runner.

(Picture from here.)

I hate it when that happens. Must be getting old. Though what was funnier was that everyone I asked also remembered the game... but not the name. Good to know I'm not the only one whose memory is going.


M.R.M. said...

I used to love playing Lode Runner!

On my old Apple IIE!


I'm old, too! *guh*

banzai cat said...

Hah, mine was Commodore 64. How's that for old. ;-)

M.R.M. said...

I always wanted one of those!!! ;-)

banzai cat said...

Heh. That was my first encounter with computers, you know.