Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Watts Does the Thing

Er, what I meant to say was that one of my favorite SF authors Peter Watts did a post on one of my favorite SF movies of all time: John Carpenter's remake of The Thing (1982). Go read it for its fascinating scientific analysis of the shape-shifting creature.

We tamed our inner battles using stem cells and transient cells and differentiated tissues, just like Pepper et al. hypothesise. But maybe other worlds spawned other answers. Maybe whatever alien slime mold gave rise to our Antarctic shapeshifter decided to go with the whole cell-competition thing, decided to make it a solution instead of a problem.

(Hell, I didn't even know the Carpenter movie was a remake of another movie made in the 50s, which was based on the 1940s story by John W. Campbell, "Who Goes There?" But I digress.)

And to prove that Watts is really cool, he posted a great SF cat picture from I can haz cheesburger. Hmmm, that's two cat pictures already and it's only January. Do I have a quota on this blog?

Guess which movie this came from? *winks*


Eldritch00 said...

Ah, 2001: A Space Odyssey, not just one of my favorite SF films but a film which I consider a perfect blend of its form and its content.

I didn't know you liked the 1982 The Thing that much, but I'm very pleased to find out!

banzai cat said...

Nice one, andrew. ;-) Well, 'The Thing' one of the few movies I don't mind watching over and over again on channel 13.

Don said...

haven't seen Kubrick's opus. no luck finding a copy here.

on the other hand, I finally acquired a copy of Inland Empire.

banzai cat said...

I don't think pirated DVDs here have copies either. You really have to track it down.