Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dating in the 21st Century

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, here's something funny from ben peek. It involves what not do when you have a cell phone, a girl you've just met, and too much time in your hands.

To quote:

Everyone knows sending pictures of your cock is a second date thing.It's in the Boy Handbook. It clearly says in chapter two, that in the event that some way to transport images of your erect penis is fashioned in the future that you are not to send them until a second date has taken place.Also that second date......would you stop waving the PhoneCock in my face.

Go read it, think about how dating more has changed a lot, and then have a good laugh at an idiot's expense.

(Now if I can only get the nerve to order peek's books-- actually, anyone's books-- online.)

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