Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Wreckage that is the Last Week of February

Well, after such a tumultuous week, I'm glad it's the weekend. Even though I still have work today, there's something about the thought of Saturdays that's relaxing.

Unfortunately, after the past week, I missed two submission deadlines. The good news is that one story deadline has been extended. The bad news is that I missed the Eclipse deadline. Ah well, easy come easy go-- which is sad because the story I'm writing is a joy to do.

In other news, my friend was cremated this afternoon while we buried Gobi the cat last Wednesday night. We snuck into U.P. to bury her under eaves of a young tree. Hopefully she won't be lonely there.

Yes, I'm still alive. Mourning, but alive.

(And yes, when writers face sadness and death, they do what comes best. They write.)

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