Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Your Money is Good but We Need Books

I've always known this-- and it's something to keep in mind during Christmas-- but I love receiving books as gifts.

This was reinforced last week after the La Salle lecture when Mam Marj gave [identity-protected] and I a ribbon-tied, gift-wrapped present each. Based on the size and shape, we guessed it was a pair of books and mine was Guiseppe Tomasi Lampedusa's classic The Leopard. [Identity-protected] actually laughed when she saw that I opened mine as soon as I could.

Pretty cover, yes? But what can I do? Despite my age and crankiness, I have a particularly low EQ when it concerns books, regardless whether it's genre or mainstream.

Bibliophilia is my sickness and I'm proud of it.

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